St. Leo School 

St. Leo Catholic School is a Middle States Accredited Preschool to Grade 8 school in the Diocese of Erie.

Mission Statement of St. Leo School

The mission of Saint Leo School is develop our students' love and service to God and His People. While modeling the Gospel of Christ, we will inspire in them an enduring quest for knowledge with innovative educational opportunities.

We believe that it is our obligation to:

  • inspire the children to a knowledge, love, and service of God as their essential purpose in life

  • share knowledge and skills, while encouraging independent thinking and creativity

  • influence and develop the intellectual potential of each child while acknowledging their diverse learning styles

  • instruct each pupil so that they may become practical Catholics with high morals and ideas, good citizens, and worthy members of society who will pursue the principles of Christian living

  • employ research-based methods to meet the changing needs of today's society

  • accept and encourage the role of the parent as the most important person in the education of the child

  • create a culture of respect and appreciation within a safe and secure environment

  • continue to strive for self growth and improvement both spiritually and professionally

promote effective study habits and positive attitudes toward learning within each child

Faculty Mission Statement

Our mission at St. Leo School is to develop a student’s love and service to God and His people.

We will quench their thirst for knowledge with educational programs based on the Gospel of Christ.

Children's Mission Statement

My mission is to know, love and serve God, to be a good neighbor and friend, and to learn and grow in God’s love each and every day.

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